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  • 2015.10
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Cooking utensils such as pots and frying pans have handles, but tableware such as plates and bowls do not. We have designed plates and bowls with handles, ‘totte’ in Japanese, giving them new functions: they are easier to carry, they can be hanged and stored with hooks, and are easier to hold when the plates and bowls are hot. Not only has this resulted in new ways of using them but provided them with a strong “sense of security as a tool”. The product lineup consists of round plates and bowls, each in three different sizes and in five different colours.

totte-plate_sketch totte-plate01_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate02_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate03_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate04_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate05_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate06_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate07_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate08_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate09_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate10_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate11_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate12_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate13_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate14_akihiro_yoshida totte-plate15_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : syk
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida