sketch / image
  • 2014.04
for Emeco

Since 1944, Emeco has manufactured its aluminium 1006 Navy Chair for the US Navy’s ship and submarine fleet. The chair, made from a 77-step process, is rust-resistant, strong, light and highly recyclable, characteristics which have made it well-loved by users since its launch. Our new ‘SU’ embodies the spirit of the 1006 Navy Chair. The stool’s seat can be easily removed with a single coin and the legs stacked on top of each other.The seat replicates the curves and indentations of its inspiration for extreme comfort and is available in four low environmental impact materials: recycled PET resin, recycled aluminium, cement and reclaimed oak. The legs come in three variations – natural aluminium, black-painted aluminium and oak – and the stool is available in three heights: a low stool, a high stool and a bar stool. In addition to the stools, we designed four matching tables. The naming, ‘SU’, refers to the Japanese word ‘su’, which means ‘basic, simple and pure’. We removed any unnecessary elements from the chair’s design, taking it to a pure, simple and basic state.

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Photos Emeco(01-11)
Takumi Ota (12-16)