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  • 2015.01
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A calendar with daily peel-away stickers.
Peeling away one sticker each day gradually reveals the scenery of the following season decorating the page, allowing you to feel the gradational changing of the seasons as each fades into the next. Peeling away stickers also reveals special illustrations on certain days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and a whimsical cat can be found hidden somewhere on each page. Twists like these are interspersed throughout and make peeling away the stickers fun. The design breathes new life into the sticker backing, which would normally serve no purpose but to hold the stickers.


sticker-calendar15_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar16_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar17_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar18_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar19_akihiro_yoshida sticker-calendar20_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : nsz
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida