softer than steel

sketch / image
  • 2014.04
for Desalto

A furniture collection designed for Italy’s Desalto, known for their metal furniture. A section of the bench has flipped up and turned into the backrest. Poles wrap around each other to become a coat stand. We bent a tabletop’s edges to attach onto the frame like cloth draping over the frame’s edges, so that the tabletop can be picked up like a tray. By adding flipped, bent and wrapped details to metal sheets and rods, the ordinarily hard material gains new functionality and a light, flexible feel, as though the metal has become paper or cloth.

softer_than_steel_sketch softer_than_steel01 softer_than_steel02 softer_than_steel03 softer_than_steel04 softer_than_steel05 softer_than_steel06 softer_than_steel07 softer_than_steel08 softer_than_steel09 softer_than_steel10 softer_than_steel11

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