sketch / image
  • Naoshima/Kagawa
  • 2006.12
for Benesse Art Site Naoshima

A message board installed in the window of the Honmura Lounge information space at Benesse Art Site Naoshima.

Benesse wanted something could be used both inside and outside, and covered as little of the window surface as possible. The board also had to accommodate everything from large maps and posters to postcards, flyers and simple memos. We cut out a piece of Velcro loop material in the shape of a vine, which we fixed to the window, and created Velcro hook fasteners in the shape of flowers, birds and insects to attach to the vine and hold the different messages. Different kinds of fastening methods in various strengths of Velcro accommodate different kinds of messages. The vine is the same shape on both sides of the window, so that the view through the window is not blocked, and is located in an area of the window accessible on both sides. We chose several kinds of Velcro-type material made by different manufacturers in a range of colors from cream to white, so that fine differences in tone would create a soft, gentle quality.
The message board’s name, “keiji-vine”, is a combination of the Japanese word “keiji”, or “announcement”, and “vine”.

091_keiji_vine_sketchkeiji-vine05keiji-vine_01keiji-vine_03 keiji-vine04t_keiji_vine_photo0 t_keiji_vine_photo02

Photographer : akumi Ota