jellyfish vase

sketch / image
  • 2017.04
for Milan Design Week

Vases that float like jellyfish in the water. 30 vases of various sizes are placed in a 1800 mm aquarium filled with water and the strength and direction of the water’s current is carefully adjusted so that they undulate moderately. The vases are made out of ultrathin transparent silicon that has been dyed twice to give the impression that what is floating in the water is but a gradated silhouette of colours.
The design was to redefine the conventional roles of flower, water, and vase by making the water inconspicuous, with an ensemble of both flowers and vases floating inside the filled water, as opposed to simply showing off flowers in a water-filled vase.

jellyfish_vase_sketchjellyfish_vase01_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase02_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase03_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase04_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase05_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase06_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase07_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase08_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase09_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase10_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase11_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase12_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase13_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase14_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase15_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase16_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase17_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase18_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase19_akihiro_yoshida jellyfish_vase20_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : nis
Photographer+Filming : Akihiro Yoshida
Film Editor : mindo