sketch / image
  • chair
  • 2009.10 - 2010.01
for Museum of Arts and Design, NY

The fadeout-chair’s legs seem to gently disappear, as though the chair stands in a pool of mist or fog. The chair’s back and seat are wooden, and the clear acrylic legs are specially painted by craftsmen so that the wood grain appears to gradually fade away. Usually, our perception of furniture is strongly affected by the space around it. The fadeout-chair turns this relationship on its head: we can change the look and feel of a space simply by placing the chair in it. This was our attempt to design space itself through furniture.

156_fadeout_chair_sketchfadeout-chair03 fadeout-chair02 fadeout-chair04 fadeout-chair05 fadeout-chair06 fadeout-chair07t_fadeoout_photo

Photographer : Masayuki Hayashi