by | n cosmetics

sketch / image
  • 2015.07
for by | n

A line of body care products jointly developed by “by | n”, an original brand of nendo, and “Beauté de Sae”, the cosmetics brand.
The natural body care products of “Beauté de Sae”, popular for their luxurious fragrance and pleasant feel,
are best known for their selected plant-based natural ingredients and essential oils.
Judging that an extravagant packaging design would not suit the concept behind this particular product line,
a plain design was chosen instead, featuring a single label that was created, cut out to form the first letter of each product kind, and applied to the respective containers.
The 6 products are to be distinguished solely through the label’s outline in the following way:

“B”=body soap
“L”=body lotion
“H”=hand soap
“h”=hand cream

Furthermore, one can choose between two kinds of fragrances: the cream label
“Citrus Floral” and the pale blue label “Citrus Herb”.

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Collaborator : hnm
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida