aoyama office

sketch / image
  • 2015.07

The Sogetsu Kaikan in Minato ward, Tokyo, was designed by one of the pioneers of modern Japanese architecture, Kenzo Tange. It was constructed in 1977, and also known for housing Tange’s own offices on its 10th floor. It is primarily characterized by its half-mirrored curtain wall exterior, reflecting the greenery from the Akasaka Estate opposite, and its planar construction, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view by diagonally cutting through its L-shaped lines of flow. Considering these characteristic features, we have sought to come up with “a design inspired by the exterior aesthetics”, rather than “a design based on interior functionality” so often seen in office buildings. Firstly, the interior layout has been designed to fit in with the L-shaped lines of flow and diagonal shafts to as great an extent as possible, and the exterior curtain wall has also been replicated indoors. As the original aluminium window frames were special-ordered and their dies and molds are now out of production, these aluminium window frames have been extruded anew. We experimented widely with a variety of IR reflecting films and paints in order to precisely recreate the colouring of the original half-mirrored exterior and sashes. And in order to accentuate the reflection of the half-mirror, the flooring material has been fitted symmetrically in relation to the curtain wall. The result is an interior design that allows one to get a strong sense of the character and form of the building as a whole.

office_sketchaoyama_office01_takumi_ota aoyama_office02_takumi_ota aoyama_office03_takumi_ota aoyama_office04_takumi_ota aoyama_office05_takumi_ota aoyama_office06_takumi_ota aoyama_office07_takumi_ota aoyama_office08_takumi_ota aoyama_office09_daici_ano aoyama_office10_daici_ano aoyama_office11_takumi_ota aoyama_office12_takumi_ota aoyama_office13_takumi_ota aoyama_office14_takumi_ota aoyama_office15_daici_ano aoyama_office16_takumi_ota aoyama_office17_daici_ano aoyama_office18_daici_ano aoyama_office19_takumi_ota aoyama_office20_takumi_ota aoyama_office21_takumi_ota aoyama_office22_daici_ano aoyama_office23_daici_ano aoyama_office24_takumi_ota aoyama_office25_daici_ano aoyama_office26_daici_ano aoyama_office27_takumi_ota

Collaborator : Masumi Hotta (NOMURA Co.,Ltd)
Photographer : Daici Ano (09-10,15,17-18,22-23,25-26)
Takumi Ota (01-08,11-14,16,19-21,24,27)