à tes souhaits! Glace et chocolat

sketch / image
  • 2017.04
for à tes souhaits!

The interior design for a sister shop of the patisserie “à tes souhaits!” in Kichijoji, Tokyo that specializes in ice creams and chocolates. The wall featured a design where soil of various shades were stacked to make it look like they were cut and staggered, taking as its motif ice-cream cakes made by layering ice-creams of various flavours and then cutting them in slices. The wall guides people into the shop by the soft curvature from the outer wall, and then creates a gentle all-enveloping effect, like melted ice-cream, all the way into the back of the shop. This created a relaxing ambience, taking advantage of the compactness of the space. Since the adjoining existing shop made wide use of bright lighting with white as its base color, and hard material such as marbles and metal, this shop in contrast used subdued colours and lighting concepts, with soil and wood that provides a sense of softness, so as to differentiate the two shops and to broaden the world view of the overall brand.

Collaborator : nsz, onndo
Photographer : Takumi Ota